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1st Class is a professional recording studio located in Stamford, CT, featuring top notch equipment and providing artists with the industry standard sound they're looking for.

Music is our passion, and we focus on bringing your audio visions to its highest levels.

Sessions are by appointments only. No walk ins will be accepted.


Terminal A

Welcome to our state of the art large hand studio. A large creative space for you to bring your musical ideas to life! Bring in collaborators and bands to record to your hearts content!


Terminal b

Need a more personal touch?

Look no further than our Terminal B. Designed for a more personal hands on approach so you can really focus in on each and every note and sound!

  • AKG C414XLII x1

  • Telefunken TF39 x2

  • Sterling Audio ST6050 x1

  • Shure SM7B x4

  • Shure SM57 x2

  • Shure SM58 x2

  • Neve 1073 Preamp x2

  • Heritage Audio Britstrip x1

  • API 512C Preamp x1

  • Universal Audio Apollo X8P x1

  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin x1

  • Antelope Audio Zen Studio x1

  • Antelope Audio Satori x1

  • Warm Audio WA-1B x1

  • Neve 535 Bridge Compressor x1

  • Emotiva Stealth 8s

  • Dynaudio BM6A

  • KRK Rokit 10-3 G4

  • KRK Rokit 8s

  • JBL 308P MKII 8s

  • JBL 306P MKII 6.5s

  • Yamaha HS 5s

  • Genelecs 8010As

  • Pro Tools

  • Waves

  • Fabfilter Bundle

  • Antares Autotune

  • Celemony Melodyne 5

  • T-Rack5

  • Soundtoys Bundle

  • Izotope

  • Plugin Alliance Bundle

  • Universal Audio

  • Etc. (Ask for Details)

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